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TERMS: Prices include postage and handling. Rates for UPS and Express/Priority Mail quoted on request. No discounts. Orders must be prepaid. [Only standing orders are billed with shipment and receive a 10% discount.]

Make checks payable to the American Society of Plant Taxonomists.

Claims for undelivered or damaged copies must be filed by 3 months from the ordering date.
No refunds or exchanges. Systematic Botany Monographs is not available as exchange.

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[__] VOL. 89. Artemisia (Asteraceae). US orders: $20.00; non-US orders: $25.00.

[__] VOL. 90. Mitrephora (Annonaceae). US orders: $25.00; non-US orders: $33.00.

[__] VOL. 91. Berlinia (Leguminosae). US orders: $18.00; non-US orders: $26.00.

[__] VOL. 92. Dendropemon (Loranthaceae). US orders: $17.00; non-US orders: $25.00.

[__] VOL. 93. Siphanthera (Melastomataceae). US orders: $15.00; non-US orders: $23.00.

[__] VOL. 94. Trichanthecium (Poaceae, Paniceae). US orders: $15.00; non-US orders: $23.00.

[__] VOL. 95. Geranium in the New World (Geraniaceae). US orders: $75.00; non-US orders: $95.00.

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